Monday, March 9, 2009

Youth needed to save democracy

A Poole councillor has warned young people that 'democracy will die' if they don't take a more active role in politics.

Conservative council leader Brian Leverett says that local political parties need to unite in their efforts to get more young people involved.

"We have a duty to get people out to vote, even and this may surprise you, voting for someone other than our party. All parties have this duty because unless young people come out and vote, democracy will die."

According to Cllr Leverett, political apathy has developed over recent generations and young people don't realise the extent of their impact on politics.

Spending time reading up on political candidates as well as voting is high on his priority list and "if you don't like any of them, put your name on the ballot paper", he suggests.

Liberal Democrat councillor for Merley and Bearwood, David Brown says communicating with local residents is essential.

Brown insisted whether it is in person, by email or on social networks is very important to ensure people are actively engaged in politics.

"People might not want contact you by email. They might not come to advice surgeries but you're doing your bit to try and make yourself more available to them", he said.

His own interest in politics was motivated by the government's introduction of tuition fees and student loans alongside a reduction in grants while he was at university.

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