Friday, February 27, 2009

Taxi fare top up

Taxi fares are set to rise in Bournemouth following a council meeting on Monday.

The increase means standard daytime fares will now start at £3.60 for the first mile, an increase of 10p.

Prices for people travelling after midnight go up by 16p to £4.80 for the same distance.

Price changes will take effect from 1 April.

Chair of Bournemouth Station Taxi Association Ashley Miller spoke about the drivers' request for a fare increase.

He outlined how the taxi drivers' association had conducted monthly checks on petrol prices in 2008.

The association 'didn't consider' the spike in oil prices in 2008 had a lasting effect on the average petrol price.

However, he told the meeting that fuel costs were still the main element in the formula used to calculate any suggested increase.

The board unanimously voted to approve a 3.28% increase in fares from 1 April.

Also at the meeting, Chair of the Licensing Board, Cllr Andrew Morgan spoke about a proposal to complete removal of the 'extras' button facility in taxis.

Extras include carrying large luggage, pets, additional passengers and advance booking charges.

Licensing Officer Mr Evans told the chairman that the petition's proposer chose not to attend the meeting and the proposal was eventually dismissed.

However, he told councillors that removing the 'extras' button would most likely require compensation of a 6% fare increase. He said, this would be in addition to any increase to factor in inflation.

Mr Miller explained extras included items such as the advance-booking fee, which compensates drivers for 'dead-time' they might have to ensure they are on time for a booking.

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