Sunday, February 22, 2009

Giving the credit crunch the snip

Bournemouth women are set to fight the credit crunch through social networking and setting up new businesses.

Founder of Eve's, the Bournemouth women's business network, Amanda Hughes set up her informal group to give women the chance to share ideas.

"It's business and social, so that if someone's not necessarily in business or if they're thinking of coming back to business because sometimes networking can a bit too salesy."

The group meets monthly at a local restaurant and discuss their business experiences over dinner. Ms Hughes set it up after she was made redundant and wanted to share her experience and chat with other business women.

Some of the women involved are currently running their own companies, some have been hit hard financially by the credit crunch and are exploring new business opportunities.

A Southbourne entrepreneur is re-opening Zig Zag's hairdressers, which closed four years ago.

Elizabeth Wheeler, a colour specialist who has over eight years experience at another salon, has managed largely without bank loans.

"I've kind of done it on my own really, I've been self sufficient…We're keeping its original name because a lot of people know where Zig Zags is."

Ms Wheeler plans to go retro with her hairstyles, "going back to the 50s era, lots of chrome, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe…all the favourites…a bit funky, a bit of madness like the punk era and colours are very popular at the moment."

She's confident that her new business will be successful:
"I already have a clientele. I have been working in other recommended hairdressers in Southbourne for 8 years."

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