Saturday, January 17, 2009

Student caught with cannabis faces eviction

A Bournemouth University student caught with cannabis could be evicted from Halls of Residence within 2 weeks. Scott Spurgeon, 19, was found in possession of the drugs by a security guard at Corfe House on November 15th last year. Corfe management have now given Mr Spurgeon 2 weeks to find alternative accommodation.

According to blogger, Kayley Rogers, more than 150 fellow students have voiced their opposition to Mr Spurgeon's eviction by signing a petition. Classmate Laura Fulham said: “I think it’s harsh and over the top. They didn’t ask him what happened, they just kicked him out.”

However, Corfe management have said: “Drugs are prohibited in the building and anyone caught with them will be dismissed – there are no exceptions.”

Any repeated breaches of regulations could lead to disciplinary action by the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

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